Wu Guangxian 吳光憲 und Luo Dexiu 羅德修


Here you will find different martial arts masters who influenced the coach and the study system of "Die Pagode" and who are willing to share their knowledge in workshops.

Wu Guangxian

Wu Guangxian, born 1944 in Taiwan, is graduated from the National Normal University (Physical Education Department) as sport instructor. He learnded martial arts during his youth from his father. Later he started with Shuai Chiao (Chinese wrestling), his teacher was Chang Dungsheng form Baoding, Hebei province. Wu Guangxian won three times in row (1970/71/72) the wrestling championship of Taiwan.
His main teacher was Wu Fuqing from Hebei province with whom he studied Shaolin Jin Gang Quan, Xingyiquan and an old style of Yang style Taijiquan. Wu Fuquing also shared his knowledge about Chinese Medicine with Wu Guangxian. After many years of research in Qigong he arranged his own health exercises called "Wu Shi Taiji Dao Qigong".

Lo Dexiu

Lo Dexiu was born in Taiwan and was a disciple of Master Hong Yixiang. From him he learned Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and Taijiquan. In the early seventies he won different full-contact championships in Taiwan. His main interest is Gao style Baguazhang, witch he practices and teaches with a martial and useable attitude. Lo visited all Bagua masters in Taiwan, to research this art with all variations and details.
During his military service he met Liu Qian (discple of Sun Xikun from Hebei province), who also became his teacher in Baguzhang. Due to his special kind of teaching his Baguazhang, he has many students in different countries around the world. Beside Bagua he also teaches Xingyiquan and Chen Panling Taijiquan.