xingyiquan_lehrer_orginalHere you will find different martial arts masters who influenced the coach and the study system of "Die Pagode" and who are willing to share their knowledge in workshops.

Wu Guangxian

Wu Guangxian, born 1944 in Taiwan, is graduated from the National Normal University (Physical Education Department) as sport instructor. He learnded martial arts during his youth from his father. Later he started with Shuai Chiao (Chinese wrestling), his teacher was Chang Dungsheng form Baoding, Hebei province. Wu Guangxian won three times in row (1970/71/72) the wrestling championship of Taiwan.
His main teacher was Wu Fuqing from Hebei province with whom he studied Shaolin Jin Gang Quan, Xingyiquan and an old style of Yang style Taijiquan. Wu Fuquing also shared his knowledge about Chinese Medicine with Wu Guangxian. After many years of research in Qigong he arranged his own health exercises called "Wu Shi Taiji Dao Qigong".

Lo Dexiu

Lo Dexiu was born in Taiwan and was a disciple of Master Hong Yixiang. From him he learned Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and Taijiquan. In the early seventies he won different full-contact championships in Taiwan. His main interest is Gao style Baguazhang, witch he practices and teaches with a martial and useable attitude. Lo visited all Bagua masters in Taiwan, to research this art with all variations and details.
During his military service he met Liu Qian (discple of Sun Xikun from Hebei province), who also became his teacher in Baguzhang. Due to his special kind of teaching his Baguazhang, he has many students in different countries around the world. Beside Bagua he also teaches Xingyiquan and Chen Panling Taijiquan.

taijiquan_lehrer_orginalHere we will find different martial arts teachers who influenced the coach and the study system of "Die Pagode" and who are willing to share their knowledge in workshops.

Du Yuze 1896-1990

Master Du Yuze (also Du Qimin) was born in Boai county, province Henan. Chenjiagou (Wen county), the birthplace of taijiquan, is not far away. So Master Du Yuze became an official student of Chen Yanxi, 16th generation of Chen clan. Chen Fake, son of Chen Yanxi, became very famous in Beijing as martial artist and taijiquan teacher.
Du Yomei, father of Du Yuze was graduated from the Hanin academy and honoured with the second highest deree. Chen Mingbiao, the nephew of Chen Yanxi worked for the official Du Yomei as bodyguard and boxing teacher. Chen Mingbiao was an famous archer and also an expert in the spear and in the small frame (xiaojia) of Chen taijiquan.
Therefor Master Du Yuze had the opportunity, to learn also from this famous master. After the change of the political situation in China he followed Chiang Kaishek to Taiwan, where Du Yuze worked as an factory manager and engineer for machine construction, witch he studied in China. Master Du had many talents. Beside his passion for Chen taijiquan, witch he studied his whole life, he was a Master in calligraphy and spoke german and english on a high level.

Tu Zongren

Tu Zongren from Taipeh, Taiwan learned many different martial arts as a youth. In the age of17 he learned Yang style taijiquan. Later he learned Chen style taijiquan form Master Du Yuzhe. Together with Wang Jiaxing, Li Haochen and Tsao Delin he became an official successor of Master Du Yuzhe. His thirst for knowledge for Chen taijiquan lead him to Chenjiagou (birthplace of taijiquan), where he practices Dalaojia and Daxinjia (old and new style of the large frame) with Chen Xiaoxing since 1992 Tu Zongren, who is an official representative of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan in Taiwan, is also experienced in chinese acupuncture for many years now.

Chen Peishan

Born in 1962 in Chenjiagou, Henan Province, Mr. Chen Peishan is a 20th generation representative of Chen Style Taijiquan. He serves as Chairman of the International Society of Chen Taijiquan, Chairman of Japan Chen Family Taijiquan Association, Honorary President of Chen Style Taijiquan Research Association in Xingxiang City, Henan and Honorary President of the French Traditional Chen Taijiquan Association.
Mr. Chen (Doctorate Degree, Engineering) studied taijiquan with his father Chen Lixian and his aunt Chen Liqing. He is especially interested in researching taijiquan theory. Before 1988, Mr. Chen taught taijiquan in throughout Henan and Shanxi Provinces. Since the end of 1988, he has been teaching taijiquan in Japan, Europe and the USA. He currently works as a Professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology / Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Japan.

Chen Peiju

Ms Che Peiju is a 20th generation representative of Chen Family Taijiquan and lives in Zehngzhou, Henan Province.
She is one of China´s Taijiquan Champions, ranked as a 6th-degree wushu player. Ms. Chen is a board member of the Wushu Management Government. She also serves as Chairman of the International Society of Chen Taijiquan, President of Chenguang Taijiquan Association, National Wushu Judge, First Class National Wushu Coach.
Hen Peiju studied taijiquan from her father Chen Lixiang and her aunt Chen Liqing. Like her brother Chen Peishan, her repertoire includes the First and Second Routines (yilu/erlu) of traditional taijiquan, push-hands (tuishou), joint locking and grappling (qinna), and weaponry (single straight sword (dan jian), single boardsword (dan dao), staff (gun),13 long pole (shisan gan), double mace (shuang jian), and spring autumn big broadsword (chunjiu dadao) and pear blossom spear with white ape staff (liuhua qiang/baiyuan gun, etc.) and taijiquan theory.
She graduated from Wushu Dept. of Beijing Physical Education Institute.

Friends schwarz weissMichael de Marco

Mike ist glücklich, seine Erfahrungen in den Bereichen Unterricht, Reisen und Kampfkunst mit seiner Arbeit kombinieren zu können. Er ist Herausgeber des "Journal of Asian Martial Arts" und unterrichtet auch selbst Taijiquan. Er studiert seit vielen Jahren die Kampfkunsttraditionen und verfügt über einen Master´s Degree in dem Bereich "Asian Studies". 1965 begann Mike seine Kampfkunststudien mit Chinesisch-Indonesischem Kuntao in der Linie von William Reeders. Seit 1974 konzentrierte er sich dann auf Yang Stil Taijiquan (Xiong Yonghe- und Yang Qingyu-Linie).
Seine ersten regelmäßigen Reisen nach Taiwan begannen 1976. Den Chen-Stil des Taijiquan übt Mike seit 1984 unter Tu Zongren (Linie von Du Yuze). Heute unterrichtet er Taijiquan in Erie, Pennsylvania (USA). Dort gründete er auch seinen Verlag "Via Media Publishing Company" ( Mike veröffentlicht viermal im Jahr das "Journal of Asian Martial Arts", welches in seinem akademischen Anspruch und seiner Ästhetik einmalig ist.
Vor ein paar Jahren wurde von ihm eine Buchreihe über die Kampfkünste und andere interessanter Themen ins Leben gerufen. Erschienen sind "Martial Musings - A Portrayal of Martial Arts in the 20th Century" von Robert W. Smith, "Tales of the Hermit Vol1/Vol2" von O.Rati und A. Westbrook und "Flashbacks - From the Other Side of the Tracks". Neben seinen vielen Tätigkeiten interessiert sich Mike für europäische Geschichte und Kultur und versucht so oft es geht, seine Freunde aus aller Welt zu besuchen.

Marcus Brinkmann

Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD) und Experte der chinesischen Kampfkünste des Baguazhang, Xingyiquan und Taijiquan lebte und studierte zehn Jahre in Taipei, Taiwan. Marcus ist Senior Schüler von Baguazhang-Meister Luo Dexiu aus Taiwan und lernte sein Xingyiquan über viele Jahre bei der Kampfkunstlegende Hong Yixiang in Taipei. Graduierte in der chinesischen Medizin als OMD in den USA, lernte, forschte und praktizierte er intensiv die traditionelle chinesische Medizin (TCM) während seines Taiwanaufenthaltes weiter.
Bei Professor Zhan Weiyian aus Taipei, der in Taiwan bekannt wurde durch sein besonderes Pulsdiagnosesystem, studierte er sieben Jahre lang. Marcus arbeitet derzeit an einem Buch über das Pulsdiagnosesystem von Prof. zhan. Dr. Brinkman und lebt heute in Denver Colorado, wo er das Chinese Center fort the Healing Arts als Ausbildungsstätte für chinesische Medizin begründete. In Denver und anderen Städten der USA unterrichtet Marcus Brinkman Gao Stil Baguazhang, Xingyiquan und Taijiquan.

Philippe Raffort

Der Franzose aus Paris begann 1975 mit dem Yang Taijiquan (Dung Yinjie Stil). Auf der Suche nach Chen Taijiquan lernte er unter anderem bei Wang Xian und Chen Zhenglei. Durch Freundschaft zu Shigeru Yoshida (Schüler von Chen Peishan) und Li Wie lernte er Chen Peiju und Chen Peishan (20. Generation der Chen Familie) kennen, deren Schüler er seit vielen Jahren ist.
Philippe Raffort ist Director der "International Society of Chen Taijiquan" und Mitglied der "Fédération Française de Taijiquan et Yigong" in Frankreich, wo er Chen Stil Xiaojia Taijiquan und Geschichte der Kampfkunst unterrichtet. Er ist Autor diverser Fachartikel in französischen Fachpublikationen und ist Spezialist für chinesische Astrologie.
(Philippe Raffort verstarb am 19.04.2011 bei einem tragischen Unfall)