2018 Hermann sepia 01From Thursday, May 31 to Sunday, June 3, 2018 in Herbram / Lichtenau (North Rhine-Westphalia) Germany

The 2nd Cherusker Camp with Chen Taijiquan Xiaojia in NRW takes place in May / June 2018 in Lichtenau / Herbram, and is named after the people who once lived here in ancient times, the Cherusci. The colossal statue of "Hermann" is reminiscent of its history.

We invite all Taijiquan Xiaojia enthusiasts and all those who want to know, feel and experience the small frame, from 31.5. - 3.06.2018 to intensively and extensively train Taijiquan on 4 days. Again this year we will train together, laugh, chat, talk, meet old friends and meet new people. We are looking forward to seeing new faces in the small frame "Xiaojia" of Chen Taijiquan.

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This school is in the tradition of Chen Xin (16th generation of the Chen clan) and his brothers. Chen Xin owes the world the most important classic of Taijiquan, which is available since last year in German translation:

 "Kommentare zu den Graphischen Erläuterungen zum Taijiquan des Chen-Clans"

The masters of our lineage are Chen Peishan and his sister Chen Peiju, who are direct descendants of Chen Wangqian (the 9th generation of the Chen clan), who was the younger brother of Chen Wangting, who is currently the founder of Chen Taijiquan.


The daily routine will be as follows: 

Every morning we begin our training with a Qi Gong unit to then go to the basic training in Chan Si Jin (the unwinding of the silk thread), then we dedicate our training time to the Sizheng Taijiquan form.

The lunch break can be spent as you wish.

In the afternoon we will continue training with the traditional Xiaojia Yilu. We will conclude the training day with a Qi Gong unit.

Please bring your swords to the camp, if possible we will try to practice the sizheng sword form with those who have already learned it.


Evening programme:

We leave the design of the evenings to you. Paderborn, Detmold, Teutoburg Forest with all the sights. But also the opportunity to chat and exchange ideas should of course not be neglected.

We would like to spend the Saturday evening with you at a dinner together. We appreciate your interest and your participation.


In order for us to plan better, we ask for your binding registration for the camp and the dinner until the 30th of April 2018 at the latest. Anyone registering until March 31st will also benefit from the early bird discount (see below).


2018 Dietmar StubenbaumInstructors:

Dietmar Stubenbaum (Seminarleiter), Pioneer of Chen Taijiquan and Xingyiquan in Germany, President of the International Society of Chen Taijiquan (ISCT) and First Chairman of the Small Framework Research and Practice Society Chen Clan Taijiquan e. V..

Annemarie Leippert (Assistenz), she began her martial arts career first with Karate, in 1999 she moved to Xingyiquan and Chen Taijiquan, where she first learned the "Dajia" frame, but soon after that began learning the Small Frame "Xiaojia". Today she is Secretary General of the International Society of Chen Taijiquan (ISCT) and Second Board of the Society for Research and Practice of the Small Framework Chen Clan Taijiquan e.V.

Hans-Elmar Schach (Assistenz), began judo at the age of 10, later followed by Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo. In 1989, he learned the basics of Qi Gong from Master Zhi-Chang, Li and then Tao Yoga and the Iron Shirt Qi Gong from Master Mantak Chia. In 2013, he completed his training as a Qi Gong teacher in Daoyin Yangsheng Gong under Prof. Zhang Guangdei. With Taijiquan he started in 1994, first with the Yang style, later with the "Dajia" frame of the Chen style, since 2013 he enthusiastically trains the small frame "Xiaojia" of Chen Taijiquan, and is very enthusiastic about the possibility to open the learning possibility of this style to the people in North-Rhin Westfalia in Germany.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday always:

09:00 a. m. – 09:30 a. m. Qi Gong (Yi Jin Jing)

09:30 a. m.– 12:30 p. m. Zhang Zhuang Gong and Chan Si Jin (uncoil the silk thread) andSizheng-Taijiquan

12:30 p. m.– 14:00 p. m. Lunch time

14:00 p. m.– 17:30 p. m. Chen Xiaojia Yilu (traditional first form of the small frame)

17:30 p. m.– 18:00 p. m. Qi Gong (Yi Jin Jing)


09:00 a. m. – 09:30 a. m. Qi Gong (Yi Jin Jing)

09:30 a. m. – 10:30 a. m. Zhang Zhuang Gong and Chan Si Jin (uncoil the silk thread)

10:30 a. m. – 12:00 a. m. Free training with correction

*Deviations from the program sequence are possible. 

2016 Gruppenbild Cherusker Camp

Turnhalle Herbram, Neuheerserstr. 3, 33165 Herbram-Lichtenau, Germany

Regular price for the entire camp 350,- €
Single days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday each 105,- €, Sunday 60,- €

Early bird discount: With binding registration until 31.3.2018 the price for the whole camp is reduced to 320,- €

Informationen & Registration:
Hans-Elmar Schach, Neuenheerser Str. 10 a, 33165 Lichtenau, Tel. +49 (0)176-12606425, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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