dietmar stubenbaum

Dietmar Stubenbaum 

Chief instructor for Chen Taijiquan Xiaojia in Germany / Switzerland / Austria / Liechtenstein / Luxemburg und Spain.

Dietmar Stubenbaum is a graduated teacher of the "National Taijiquan Association of the Republic of China" and President, co-founder, teacher and German representative of the "International Society of Chen Taijiquan".

He studied judo and fencing in his youth and later he came up with karate, aikido and inyo ryu. Because of his passion for martial arts and healing methods from the far east, he travelled to Japan, Taiwan, China and the Philippines and stayed there for several years.

He learnd his Chen style taijiquan dajia (large frame) and xiaojia (small frame) in Taiwan.

Daja (large frame)
in the taijiquan lineage Chen Yanxi > Du Yuzhe > Tu Zongren.
Xiaojia (small frame)
in the taijiquan lineage Chen Mingbiao > Du Yuze > Tu Tzongren.



During his research of Chen style taijiquan he met other famous Masters like Chen Xiaowang and Chen Qingzhou. A few years ago he became student of Master Chen Peishan and Master Chen Peiju (lineage of Chen Lixian and Chen Liqing) to focus on the small frame (xiaojia) of Chen style taijiquan.

He learned his xingyiquan from Wu Guangxan (Henan style) and Lo Dexiu (Hebei style).

He studied taiji daoyin with Huang Xinlin and gained his skills in Zhenjiu (acupuncture and moxa) from Tu Tzongren.

In search for ancient western martial arts he found one of last masters in traditional fencing - Maitre Claude Duprez -with whom he practices different weapon systems. He is also author of different martial arts articles.

Picture right: Du Yuze (midle) 杜毓澤 with his four official students/lineholders. From the left to the right Wang Jiaxian 王嘉祥, Li Houcheng 李後成, Cao Delin 曹德鄰 and Tu Zongren 凃宗仁.

More informations about Master Du Yuze and Master Tu Zongren >>>

2014 Du Yuze Dietmar StubenbaumPicture left (photographed in the late 80s):

From left to right sitting: 

Du Yuze and Tu Tzongren.

Standing from left to right: 

Dietmar Stubenbaum, Michael DeMarco and Huang Shichuan.