dietmar stubenbaumThe centre for traditional martial arts was founded in 1995. Besides only teaching martial arts it also focuses on saving and researching ancient arts from east and west. By reading and researching old documents, by inviting masters and teachers, it tries to deepen it’s students understanding of the whole system.

The more profound understanding of the whole system is achieved by practising in accordance to the original teachings, and hereby bringing the martial arts back to life so that they can be studied as a whole.

Although “Die Pagode” mainly focuses on Chinese martial arts,
it is also interested in western martial arts. It is keen on sharing
its experiences with other people to develop a martial arts
community, that does not only practise the martial arts in
commercial and empty forms, but tries to understand
the complete martial arts systems.

Lessons in:

Chen Taijiquan Xiaojia (small frame), Xingyiquan and Qigong.


       Die Pagode is foudation member of the       

International Society of Chen Taijiquan (ISCT)


Seminar mit Meister Chen Peishan in Italien 2017

2017 Seminar Chen Peishan Neapel 400Vom 29. April bis 1. Mai 2017 findet ein Seminar mit Meister Chen Peishan in Neapel (Italien ) statt. 

Via Matilde Serao
Caravita (Cercola) - Napoli 

Seminarinhalt voraussichtlich (muss noch bestätigt werden):

Samstag 29. April: 09:30-12:30 Uhr Sizheng Taijiquan Sequenz

Samstag 29. April: 14:00-17:00 Uhr Sizheng Taijiquan Sequenz

Sonntag 30. April: 09:30-12:30 Uhr Sizheng Schwert (Sizheng Taijiquan)

Sonntag 30. April:  14:00-17:00 Uhr
Yilu Sequenz

Montag 1. Mai: 09:30-12:30 Uhr
Yilu Sequenz

Montag 1. Mai: 14:00-17:00 Uhr

Information und Anmeldung:

Carmela Filosa E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anmeldeschluss: Mitte März

News from Japan

ISCT Logo Transparent 300x96

Dear Friends

On behalf of the International Society of Taijiquan, we are very pleased to inform you that the FESTIVAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF CHEN TAIJIQUAN (ISCT) 2018 will be held in Japan. The festival is scheduled from August 8-12th, 2018. Now, we are doing our best to arrange a beautiful and best place near Tokyo.

The ISCT2018 will be the 6th big event, and it will be an important and meaningful event, bringing together members who love Taijiquan, health and peace from all over the world. The ISCT 2018 will be a great opportunity for us to exchange skills, share the happiness and culture of Taijiquan. You may meet your old friends and make new friends in the events, study forms of Taijiquan, and exchange ideas for the development of Taijiquan around your area.

Japan is a peaceful and beautiful country, and the year 2018 will be shortly before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and it will be the best time for sports and culture exchange. We believe that it is your best opportunity to travel to Japan for Taijiquan studying, sightseeing and culture experience.

The rough plan of the festival:

 Aug. 08th (Wed.) - 12th : Demonstrations & Workshops

 Aug. 13th (Mon.) - Sightseeing / or other action/ training

 Aug. 14th (Tue.) - Closing

We are looking forward to seeing you in Japan in 2018.
We will send the detail information about the ISCT2018 in the coming months.
Please arrange your schedule for the big event, the ISCT2018.

Chairman: Peishan Chen, Peiju Chen 
President of ISCT: Dietmar Stubenbaum
Executive Committee Chair: Kiyoshi Shinozaki

Das neue Buch von Meister Chen Peishan ab Mitte Juli 2016 in Japan erhältlich

publication Chen Peishan book 2016Chen-Clan Taijquan - Chen Peishan 

In direkter Tradition des Begründers des Taijiquan - Das Standard-Werk zu Geschichte, Theorie und Technik des Chen-Clan Taijiquan

Sprache: Japanisch

Von der Theorie bis zur Anwendung, genau erklärt und leicht verständlich
Teil 1: Grundlagen des Chen Taijiquans
Teil 2: Xiao jia Yilu
Teil 3: Xiao jia Erlu
Teil 4: Partnerübungen / duilian und Kampfanwendungen
Darstellung der taolu mit 2241 Fotos, so dass die Bewegungsrichtungen gut nachvollziehbar sind
Hardcover, 535 Seiten
Eine Kompilation des Chen-Clan Taijiquan für das 21te Jahrhundert, entwickelt mit der Idee es „hundert Jahre benutzen zu können"

Das Grundlagenwerk zum Taijiquan des Chen-Clans erstmals in Deutscher Sprache

2016 VDS ChenshiTaijijiquanTushuo Promo 725



Rezesion im Taijiquan & Qigong Journal

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